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Hive Fleet Kul Slaugh - Month 4
Written By ZeVanillaBear on 11th Sep 2017 at 21:42pm

The 4th month brought about a rollercoaster of emotions in the battles that transpired. I may have gotten rather heated regarding a certain match and how it went.

Let’s start from the beginning.


From the previous month and my surprising win I had an extra £15 to use on my army meaning I had £45 to play with. So enter my genius plan,
“Let’s get more synapse and powerful models” Another set of warriors and a hive tyrant.

So I looked around and got some warriors from eBay pre-built but unpainted and a hive tyrant from together totalling around £50.

This was fine until about a week later I realised that for £45 I could have gotten a start collecting box set with both warriors, hive tyrant and some gargoyles.

I was not in a good mood after I found that.


I knew what Tavy had gotten, a trygon prime, and what it was capable of doing. Deploying anywhere on the map in any movement phase with a squad of troops. 6-7 attacks with monstrous scything talons which have ap -3 with D6 damage. This means potentially it could deal upto 36 damage per turn with no chance of saving for basic units or anything that isn't HQ or heavy support.

It is not a fun model to deal with.


My countermeasure? That hive tyrant I got? He became my swarm lord. 4 monstrous bone sabres. Similar damage capabilities to the trygon prime but with the added bonus of +2/3 to melee based save rolls. This meaning I could have an edge against his horrifying monster model.

Battle 1 - Tavy vs Darren


I watched this battle primarily to see how Tavy would use his army with the new additions. My fears were confirmed. His army was deadly already but with the new Trygon it is terrifying . It tore through tanks and squads with ease.

Tavy won.

Battle 2 - Alex vs Iain


I was forced to remove some units to match Iains’ point limit. I used the new hive tyrant as a vanilla model ( it was magnetised to allow me to switch things about.) With scything talons and a heavy venom cannon.


This match was very one sided.

As iain took the first turn and decided to charge full pelt at me. The tyranids. Tavy tried to tell him not to do so to which I interrupted him and said “no no. He has to learn”.

I tore through him with ease. It took until round 2 before he killed a single model.

I didn't lose a single squad.

Victory points 13-0 in my favour.

It was brutal.

Battle 3- Alex vs Tavy


With my overwhelming victory against Iain I knew I wouldn't have as much luck with tavy. However I didn't realise how bad of luck.

I put up a good fight but I got destroyed due to me consistently rolling double 1s ( snake eyes) and double 6s for psyker rolls (this means you were too effective and you melt your own brain with D3 mortal wounds). It was very rare for me to get a good roll at all in that game.

I wasn't in a good mood. Not that I was losing but because of how. Terrible rolls and luck.

I failed a crucial charge roll that needed only 4 from 2d6 and got… double 1.


Overall it was horrendous. You can watch me gradually lose my shit in the game replay video.

Final thoughts


For next month I need to focus on getting some firepower to deal with that trygon. So I'll be getting a Tyranofex. A living weapon battery with the intention of having him deal major damage from afar and my swarm lord dealing with things if they get close.

Hopefully this will turn the tides next time.

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