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Taskforce Brassica Primaris Month - 3
Written By MrKestryl on 24th Aug 2017 at 12:00pm


While fighting Iain I discovered how easily his units could wipe my guardsmen of the face of the planet but also that his army was exceedingly outmatched to the Leman Russ and the Chimera. The fight itself essentially came down to me having lost all infantry and being left with vehicles, this apparently did the job and I managed to win with 8-6 victory points.

The downside with this is the fact that this meant I’d get to fight the Tyranids.

This battle didn’t go great for me, to put it simply I got 1 victory point and Alex got 8.


Next Purchase

My plan even before the battles was to get myself and additional Leman Russ, so what I purchased was a named model and a Leman Russ Demolisher. The named model is Knight Commander Pask (a tank commander) due to the nice stat increases he provides his vehicle especially his Ballistic Skill. The reason I went with the Demolisher variant is due to the possible weapons that that specific model has on its sprue.



Again this time there has been no real difference in the colour scheme other than with Pask and his Leman Russ (Which has been painted with some extra highlights and somewhat fancier colouring in places).


Plan From this Point

I really started to think getting at least 1 or two psyker squads would be a very good Idea especially considering some of the Astra Militarum psyker abilities, the other thing I feel like I need to start looking into is some additional vehicles other than any more Leman Russ’ for now.

Type No. Unit Image Wargear Points


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