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Agitare Per Ordinem - Month 4
Written By Zamphrax on 18th Sep 2017 at 00:00am


So this months battle was a thing that happened... I learned the hard and excessively gribbled way that a blitzkrieg style assault does not work against the tyranids! With this in mind, the only rational option available to me is to kill them all with fire, though there is a limitation on how many flamers I can use at once, so I went with the second best option: assassinate the little buggers!


What did I buy?

As implied in the overview, I took a page or two out of the Officio Assassinorum. For this month I purchased two stand alone models; a vindicare assassin, and a eversor assassin. These were both bought directly from Games Workshop at a price of £14.25 each, bringing me to £28.50 of my alloted £29.92, leaving me with £1.42 left over for the next month.


[Insert Pic Here]


Why did I buy?

The two assassins should be able to work together to provide high damage attacks at both long and short range. The vindicare is effectively a sniper, and the eversor is the monster from under your bed; if this plays out right then my opponant in the coming battle should be screwed if they go near the assassins, and also be screwed if they stay away from the assassins.


The overall plan

After being horrificaly mutilated by turn 3 in the last battle, I have learned my lesson and will be adopting a more western front approach, where I sit in a perfectly dugout hole for the entire match, and bombard the ever lasting jesus out of anything that comes within range.


Model painting and orginisation

No change has been made to my overall army structure, with the exception to the two assassins who will be working as seperate squads in tandum to one another. Their colour scheme is a little more dulled down than my regular units; as apparently scarlet, gold, silver, and white are not very good colours for assassins when they want to be sneaky. With this in mind; I went with the simple, yet adequite, colour scheme of black, with details done in silver. They both have red eye pieces, and the vindicator has a red tassle on his dagger.



Type Unit Squad Colours Picture Wargear Points
HQ Inquisitor Jeremy Hoddingsworth None   Bolt Pistol, Power Sword 60
HQ Command Squad Gold   Regimental Standard, Vox Caster, Med Pack, Grenade Launcher, HS Volley Gun, HS Las Gun, HS Las Pistol x3, Power Sword 96
Elite Reginald Shillington
(Vindicator Assassin)
None   Exitus Pistol, Exitus Rifle, Blind Grenade 90
Elite Arnold Weissenhonk
(Eversor Assassin)
None   Executioner Pistol, Neuro-Gauntlet, Power Sword, Melta Bomb 70
Elite Scion Squad Charlie White/Gold   Vox Caster, HS Volley Guns x2. Flamer, Bolt Pistol, Power Sword, HS Las Pistol 102
Elite Scion Squad Delta White/Silver   Flamer, HS Volley Gun x3, Bolt Pistol 111
Troops Cadian Squad Red Charlie Red/Gold   Vox Caster, Las Gun x3, Flamer, Las Pistol, Chain Sword 32
Troops Cadian Squad Red Delta Red/Silver   Vox Caster, Las Gun x3, Flamer, Las Pistol, Chain Sword 32
Troops Cadian Squad Blue Charlie Blue/Gold   Vox Caster, Las Gun x3, Flamer, Las Pistol, Chain Sword 32
Troops Cadian Squad Blue Delta Blue/Silver   Vox Caster, Las Gun x3, Flamer, Las Pistol, Chain Sword 32
Fast Attack Taurox Prime None   Taurox Gattling Cannon, Twin Linked HS Volley Guns 76
Fast Attack Chimera None   Heavy Flamer, Heavy Stubber, Multilas, Hunter-Killer, Las Gun Array 112

Total Points: 865

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